Wim Betten quits as Managing Director of CONO Kaasmakers effective July 1, 2023

Managing Director Wim Betten is stepping down as of July 1, 2023. He is transferring his position to his colleague Jerry Griep, who is currently serving as Commercial Managing Director. Betten joined CONO Kaasmakers as a board member in 2012 and as of January 1, 2016 in the position of General Director.

Wim Betten indicates that he has agreed with the board to terminate his position as Managing Director as of July 1, 2023. In recent years investments have been made in the existing organization for the continuity and future of CONO Kaasmakers and the organization is ready for it!

The board has appointed Jerry Griep as its new Managing Director effective July 1, 2023. Betten will stay on for at least another year as external senior advisor on strategy and technology to bring his expertise to CONO Kaasmakers.

"Since January 2016, as Managing Director I have worked hard together with my Management Team and colleagues to put CONO Kaasmakers with our beautiful premium cheeses including our A-brand Beemster cheese on the map for now and the next generations. And of course always ensuring a fair milk price for our CONO dairy farmers. CONO Kaasmakers will continue to invest in people, animal welfare and the environment, sustainable innovation in cheese making, the entire cheese chain and on our farms. This will enable us to maintain our leading position as CONO Kaasmakers, with the tastiest cheese in the Netherlands. And I am extremely proud of that!"

About Jerry Griep
The 55-year-old Griep joined CONO Kaasmakers as General Sales Manager in 2012. His knowledge in the market, good relationships with trading partners and possessing the right CONO DNA makes Griep the right successor to Betten.