Our Brands

CONO Kaasmakers makes various cheese brands that are for sale in many countries in the world. Not only consumer brands, but also ingredients for our industrial customers and for the food service and food professionals. All our cheeses are made from 100% GMO-free pasture milk. In addition, almost all cheeses for the Dutch and Belgian markets are vegetarian.

Our cheeses are given the time to develop their flavour and 'tenderness'. The cheeses are ripened for up to 26 months and then inspected by our cheese masters.

Beemster cheese

This cheese is an ode to our origins; the Beemster polder and its dairy farmers and cows.
From the fresh grass and the best milk to the preparation of the cheese. Everything revolves around the taste. In the first place because we want to make the tastiest cheese. Always from milk from North Holland cows that walk outside for more than 120 days a year, 6 hours a day.

Beemster has a whole family of cheeses; each one has a distinct flavour and yet they all share that 'tender' mouth feel.

Beemster cheese is available in supermarkets, farm stores and online.

International assortment

CONO Cheesemakers is represented in 45 countries, including Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia, Chile, Spain and Australia. We have various types of packaging suitable for cheese specialty shops, retail and foodservice. Our international award-winning cheeses are slowly conquering the hearts of cheese lovers worldwide and are praised for their flavour and tenderness.

Foodservice range

Meeting, enjoying, sharing and experiencing: the world of food service has a wonderful dynamic. We do our utmost to go that extra mile, to inspire you and seduce your guests with original flavours and pure ingredients. Our foodservice range is specially designed for the hotel and catering industry, wholesalers and (travel) catering companies.

Amsterdam Cheese Company

Since 2019, CONO Kaasmakers has been the owner of the Amsterdam Cheese Company.

The Amsterdam Cheese Company consists of five cheese specialty shops in the heart of Amsterdam. At the Amsterdam Cheese Company, we want to give the international visitor the true Holland experience. We are real Dutch cheeseheads who want to share our passion for the best product in our country!

't Cheese Local

't Kaas Lokaal is a brand of CONO Cheesemakers.

At 't Kaas Lokaal, taste, quality and sustainability are key. We welcome you to our store in Delft, where local and craft come together. With a wide range of the tastiest cheese and delicious local products. Taste it for yourself!