Our cheese

"We want to surprise our customers and consumers with tasty and honest products. That is why we make the tastiest cheese from high quality milk, as well as ingredients for the food industry. We do this in our sustainable, artisanal way according to unique CONO recipes".

- Jerry Griep, General Manager

Our cheeses

Quality is paramount. Our cows graze outdoors as much as possible and from this sustainable pasture milk we make cheese in the traditional way. As the only large cheese maker in the Netherlands, we still stir the curds by hand. That sounds very old-fashioned and it is. But some things have stayed the same for over 120 years for a reason. They are simply very good. And you can taste that in all our traditionally made cheeses.

CONO ingredients

CONO supplies high-quality ingredients for various applications in the food industry. Producers such as Unilever are happy to make use of them.

Cheese shop

In Westbeemster, near our cheese dairy, is our very own CONO Cheese Shop. The CONO Cheese Shop has a wide range of CONO cheeses and is also extensive, including coffee, tea, wine and various dairy products, some from our own cattle farmers!

Opening hours & address

Monday to Saturday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Sunday: closed

CONO Kaasmakers
Rijperweg 20
1464 MB Westbeemster


Are you looking for a delicious cheese package or would you rather have your cheese delivered at home? Through our webshop you can order various gift packages, cheese and accessories.

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