Our farmers

Proud of our members

In our cooperative, we work together the CONO way: with passion and attention for people, animals and the environment. We know all our members and partners personally and challenge each other to go that extra mile. This is how our member dairy farmers continue to improve animal welfare and the results on their farms.

Our farmers deserve a fair milk price

For 20 years CONO has been in the top three when it comes to the level of the milk price. The level of the payment of the milk price differs per dairy farmer. It depends, for example, on the protein and fat content of the milk supplied and on various premiums. Those who go for quality, deserve quality. That way, our members can take good care of their cows and their families and the businesses are passed on from generation to generation. With all the knowledge and passion for healthy, sustainable and delicious milk.

Every month we publish the advance price. This is the amount per 100 kilogrammes of milk that we guarantee to pay our member dairy farmers each month.

Milk price 2023

Fat price (€)4,544,453,883,563,493,463,343,34
Protein price (€)10,569,848,948,158,148,087,817,81
Fat %4,454,224,454,454,454,454,454,45
Protein %3,583,583,583,583,583,583,583,58
Average CONO Cheesemakers€54,35€50,35€45,61€41,36€41,01€40,66€39,16€39,16

Milk price 2022

Fat price (€)3,653,724,014,154,394,514,704,704,704,704,704,70
Protein price (€)8,478,839,129,449,9010,4310,9510,9510,9510,9510,9510,95
Fat %4,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,42
Protein %3,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,57
Average CONO Cheesemakers€42,71€44,31€46,62€48,38€51,09€53,51€56,21€56,21€56,21€56,21€56,21€56,21

Milk price 2021

Fat price (€)3,053,09

Protein price (€)7,067,137,257,357,467,527,527,607,818,008,308,47
Fat %4,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,424,42
Protein %3,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,573,57
Average CONO Cheesemakers€35,03€35,45€36,06€36,59€37,2€37,73€37,73 €38,06€39,12€40,15€41,79€42,71