Whether you are a consumer, a company representative, a member dairy farmer, working in the media or interested in a job, we would like to get in touch.

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Visiting address Postal address
CONO Cheese Makers CONO Cheese Makers
Rijperweg 20 PO Box 1
1464 MB Westbeemster 1462 ZG Middenbeemster
Tel: 0299 - 68 92 00 Postal code 807
E-mail: 1440 VL Purmerend


Chamber of Commerce 36002299 in Alkmaar
VAT NL 001801879 B01

How can you contact us?

Do you have questions or complaints about our products? The question may have been asked before, the answers to the most common questions can be found under frequently asked questions. Can't find the answer or do you have specific questions? Please contact us.

    You can find all necessary information on

    We are happy to meet with press, bloggers and other media. Please contact Nicole van Gorp( / +31 (0)299-689200) with any questions. Download here our press kit for more information.


    How nice that you are interested in a job at CONO Cheese Makers. You can find all the information on our 'Working at' page.

    Are you looking for cheese or ingredients to make your final product? Then please contact us.

      Reporting concerns

      At CONO, we value the collaborations with service providers, chain partners and member dairy farmers. CONO Cheese Makers is a dynamic organization with a good reputation for transparency, awareness, pride and integrity at all working levels. If we, our employees or a third party representing us are guilty of misconduct, we invite you to share your concerns through our whistleblower policy.

      How can you make a report known to CONO Kaasmakers?

      1. Send an email to
      2. Between 08:00-17:00, call 0299 689 200 and ask for the confidential advisor within CONO.
      3. Write an (anonymous) letter to CONO Kaasmakers, Antwoordnummer 807, 1440 VL Purmerend for the attention of "confidant."

      Frequently asked questions

      It is not possible to take a guided tour at CONO Cheesemakers. We hope to welcome you to the Beemster Experience in the future.

      Sponsoring is about making choices, conscious choices. CONO Cheesemakers is a farmers' cooperative and receives daily requests to sponsor an event, association, activity or good cause. We choose to support a number of activities for a longer period. For example, we sponsor Kaasmarkt Alkmaar, Kaasmarkt Edam and various events and festivals in the Netherlands. In this way we reach as many cheese fans as possible with our brands.

      We adhere to a sponsorship policy for the other applications which you can read here. From our core values; Together, Aware, Sustainability and the tastiest cheese. We would like to see sponsor requests that emphasize: social involvement, sustainability and that are in line with our brand values. Applications can be mailed to

      Our cheese shop is open Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We are closed on Sundays.

      All our cheeses in the Netherlands and Belgium* are made with vegetable rennet and are vegetarian. All ages of Beemster cheese in the shops are now vegetarian. Other brands are produced vegetarian since March 2021. So it will take some time before all ages are available under the vegetarian label.

      With the exception of Oudendijk.

      The production of cheese with vegetarian rennet does not affect the honest taste of (our) cheeses.

      GMO-free refers to the cows' feed. It means that no genetically modified organisms are used in the concentrate.
      In other words: CONO cows eat mainly grass. The dairy farmers themselves grow honest grasses and crops, so never genetically modified varieties. In addition to the grass ration, the cows eat concentrated feed that is also 100% GMO-free. All raw materials for the feed are cultivated in a natural way. Almost 80% of the cows' feed comes directly from the region. Everything the cow eats is reflected in the milk. And thus in the cheese.

      Send an email to and make sure you include the full details as they appear in your order. Then also indicate what needs to be changed in your order and we will do our utmost to process your change. Please note: in order to provide everyone with cheese as soon as possible, we try to process orders quickly. It is not possible to change every order that has been processed.

      Products ordered from the cheese shop are fresh and cannot be returned. If you have a complaint about your purchased product, please contact If you cannot find a solution, please feel free to contact us via our customer service /or call us on our free number 0800 - 233 67 837

      Ordering cheese online is possible. However, not everything is available. Through you can order various cheese and or drink packages. In addition, they are working more and more on making pieces of cheese available.

      We love to help you! Check out all kinds of handy tools that will make your speech a success. Take a quick look at the talk page of Beemster Cheese.

      On most dairy farms, when the calf is born, it is taken away from the cow immediately or after a short time (a few hours) and taken to a special calf pen.

      The reasons for this are:

      1. In order for a calf to grow up as a healthy cow, it must consume enough colostrum in the first 24 hours, because the antibodies in the colostrum are best absorbed by the calf in the first 24 hours. By giving colostrum to the calf, the farmer can check whether the calf drinks enough and is sufficiently alert and healthy.

      2. Calves (like most babies) are very vulnerable. Especially for infections. Just like with people, diarrhoea, a reasonably harmless ailment for an adult, can be (life) threatening for a calf. For these reasons, calves must grow up in a clean and orderly environment.

      3. Farmers have separate areas where calves can grow up draught-free and clean among their peers. In this way, hygiene is guaranteed and the social aspect between the animals is also included in the rearing process.

      4. When a young calf walks among a herd of cows, the chance of it being trampled on is high. In addition, calves in cubicle barns (estimated at 90 to 95% of the barns in the Netherlands) can easily trip or get stuck because they have unsteady legs and much smaller hooves. Our barns are designed to keep herds of cows hygienically and animal-friendly. This is not an ideal and safe place for calves. In addition, the cow may become stressed because she is trying to protect the calf from fellow cattle at any moment.

      5. If a calf is left with its mother for a few days or longer, both calf and mother will be more stressed if the calf is separated. You can notice this by the calf and cow calling out to each other and the cow becoming restless. When the calf is removed after birth, you will generally see that the cow calmly joins the herd again and also the calf usually does not show signs of stress.

      Piggy savings at the CONO Cheese store

      Through your account, on the Piggy website or with the Piggy app on your phone, you can save at the CONO Cheese Shop. With every purchase, you can scan your Piggy savings card and save for great offers and items in the store! For every euro spent, you will receive 1 Piggy point.

      For information, visit Questions about your account with Piggy? Check out the frequently asked questions on the Piggy website.

      Download the app on your mobile, points will be credited even then.

      Viewing your point balance and rewards is easy on Piggy's website at:

      No, no more Piggypoints can be added afterwards

      No, it is not possible to save points with online orders.

      The offer is updated regularly with new savings goals. Currently, you can save for:

      150 points | piece of Beemster cheese of the month (+/- 300 grams)

      300 points | Beemster Backpack or a Beemster Cool Bag

      500 points | cheese package worth €25.00.

      1000 points | cheese package worth €50.00

      The Piggy loyalty points you save at CONO Cheese Shop can only be redeemed at the CONO Cheese Shop.