Facts & Figures


Company form: Dairy cooperative
Place of business: Westbeemster

Cash milk price (2022)

56 per 100 kg

Annual sales (2022)

327 Million

Milk supply (2022)

408 million kilograms

Cheese production (2022)

34 thousand tonnes

Number of farmers


Number of cheese makers

190 fte


  1. 2023

    CONO drives the Netherlands' first all-electric RMO.

  2. 2021

    A new sustainability ambition: positive for future generations

  3. 2021

    Most CONO cheeses are vegetarian

  4. 2020

    100% GMO-free milk

  5. 2020

    Cheese factory climate-neutral certified

  6. 2016

    Closure of old cheese factory


  7. 2014

    Opening new cheese factory


  8. 2012

    Start of construction of new cheese factory

  9. 2008

    Launch sustainability programme Caring Dairy

  10. 2002

    Start of active promotion of outdoor grazing of dairy cows

  11. 2001

    Receipt of the Supplier of the Year predicate

  12. 1901

    Establishment of cooperative



World Cheese Awards 2023

Gold for Beemster Old 30+

Golden Cheese Drill NNKC

Rosanne Sluijs of CONO Cheese Makers wins Golden Cheese Drill during Dutch National Cheese Judging Competition 2023

Food magazine

Food magazine marketing awards product group cheese

DLG Awards

Gold for Beemster Young, Beemster Belegen, Beemster X-O, Beemster Goat, Royaal, Royaal Grand Cru and Beemsdammer have Gold and Silver for Beemster Old.

Sustainable Brand Index

Most sustainable cheese brand according to Dutch consumers

Industry distribution trophy

Category A-brand fresh


Avantage Group Report

CONO Cheese makers has been ranked No. 1 within the cheese category in the Advantage Report for the 5th time in a row!

World Cheese Awards

Beemster Old, Beemster Royaal Grand Cru and Beemster Goat awarded Gold

Golden Cheese Drill

Cheesemaker Sjoerd Hiemstra wins the Golden Cheese Drill at the NNKC

Gouda Cheese Awards

Gold for 't Kaas Lokaal at the Gouda Cheese Awards

Taste test The Telegraph

Beemster 30+ young matured winner in the 30+ taste test

Industry distribution trophy

Category A-brand fresh

Food magazine

Food magazine marketing awards product group cheese

Sustainable Brand Index

Most sustainable cheese brand according to Dutch consumers

Foodstuffs newspaper

Beemster 30+ best introduction 2020


Captain of the catagory

Milk Milk and more milk

A fair milk price so farmers can produce the very best milk

CONO Kaasmakers set the cash milk price for 2022 at € 56.34 per 100 kilograms.

Our dairy farmers' cows spend an average of 180 days a year, more than 10 hours a day, in the meadow. All our cheeses are made from 100% pasture milk.

Of the CONO dairy farmers, 97% meet the national grazing standard.

Our milk is 100% GMO-free.

Caring Dairy objectives and results

Happy cowsObjectiveResults
Indicatoruntil 2025201720182019202020212022
1. Dairy cattle grazing≥ 180 days
Number of days175194182185180191
≥ 1440 hoursNumber of hours183620741914190718911959
2. Grazing young cattle ≥ 120 daysNumber of days169173162177
3. Closed companyNo supply of cattle% closed companies56616370
4. Healthy calves≤ 15% calf mortality% calf mortality131210,5310,199,228,83
5. Lifetime≥ 6 yearsNumber of days209620782095218522562290
Number of years(5 years, 9 months)(5 years, 8 months)(5 years, 9 months)(almost 6 years)(6 years, 2 months)(6 years, 3 months)
6. Veterinary medicines≤ 2 animal day dosageAnimal daily dose2.
More grass & biodiversityObjectiveResults
Indicatoruntil 2025201720182019202020212022
7. Grass in rations
≥ 15% fresh grass OR
Fresh grass in ration (% dry matter)151717181818
≥ 60% incl grass silageTotal grass in rations (% dry matter)585859596060
8. Homegrown protein≥ 65%% of own cultivated protein6965737064*61*
9. Concentrates and by-productsThe concentrate ration is ≤ 25 kg/100 kg of milk ANDKg concentrate / 100 kg milk28.526.5*22.3*2222.222.6
Concentrates including by-products (in kg
dry matter) ≤ 30 kg/100 kg of milk measured
Kg concentrate + by-products / 100 kg milk29.6*26.8*26.725.826.8
10. Agricultural nature management≥ 5% of the area% farms with >5% agricultural nature455051465248
Area of agricultural nature of the above mentioned group (%)2627.829292627
11. Perennial grassland≥ 50% of the area% permanent pasture5760616162
* Modified calculation system
Better environment & climateObjectiveResults
Indicatoruntil 2025201720182019202020212022
12. Green power and low energy consumption100% green power and ≤6 kWh/100kg of measured milkPower consumption (kWh/100kg milk)5,55,15,44,85,15,0
% of companies purchasing green energy465673808289
13. Own energy≥ 25% of electricity relative to total
electricity consumption is generated on the farm itself.
generated on the farm.
% of companies with energy generation242634384453
% own energy vs. electricity consumption171822273040
14. Greenhouse gas emissions≤120 kg CO2
eq/100 kg
measuring milk
CO₂ equivalents / 100 kg milk134133134123120119
15. N soil surplus≤ 150kg N/haN soil surplus / ha Nitrogen indicator144160134152152166
16. Ammonia emissions≤ 75kg NH₃/haAmmonia / ha Nitrogen indicator666456585150
17. Crop protection≤ 250 environmental impact points Number of environmental impact points38584513312666
Glyphosate-free% of farms glyphosate-free88919899100
Socially involvedObjectiveResults
Indicatoruntil 20252019202020212022
18. Company is open to societyMore than 100 unique visitors per yearAverage visitors per company226175249369
Share of companies with a social side branch (%)10.329.834.931.4