Our cheese at cheese stores and markets

Sustainably made to unique CONO recipes, with passion for people, animals and the environment. is Our CONO cheese is for sale at cheese specialty stores and markets. Freshly cut from the knife and each with a distinct flavor and composition. Some of CONO's brands are Stompetoren, Roodbonter, Beemster van 't mes, Weydeland and Huizer Kaas-Gilde. Ask at your cheese store or local market.


Stompetoren cheese is named after the North Holland village of Stompetoren where there used to be a cheese factory. Quality and taste are combined into a product with character. The full traditional taste of the cheese develops in perhaps the most sustainable warehouse in the Netherlands. The unique conditions during ripening ensure maximum flavour and tenderness. A cheese for connoisseurs! Stompetoren is for sale in cheese specialty shops.

Beemster van 't Mes

A Beemster cheese, which you only buy at the real cheese specialist. This Beemster van 't mes is extra large and that means extra tasty. After all, a bigger cheese matures more slowly and thus develops its extra rich and full flavour. The name says it all: always freshly cut from the knife. This preserves the pure taste of the cheese. Call it cocky or tasteful, it is unique in any case.

Red Piedmont

How colourful can you make it? According to farmer Evert, not fancy enough. He loves his Red and White cows and the extra creamy and tasty milk that his 'girls' give him. That is why the cheese makers from CONO make the tastiest cheese. This new cheese is therefore received with great enthusiasm by cheese connoisseurs. Red Piedmont is for sale in cheese specialty shops.


Weydeland cheese is a premium North Holland cheese with a special flavour and a rich history. The fresh milk from our Dutch cows forms the basis for the unsurpassed creaminess and its exceptionally fine flavour, thanks to authentic cheese preparation and the secret of natural cheese maturation. Creamy, rich and with an individuality that pleases connoisseurs. Weydeland is available in cheese specialty shops.

Fencing mills

Schermermolens is a special cheese, because it contains less salt. This cheese is matured for 4 to 6 weeks, has a very pure and fresh taste and is particularly creamy. Schermermolens is named after the windmills that stand in a row in the Schermerpolder in North Holland. Schermermolens is for sale in cheese specialty shops.

Coat of Arms of North Holland

The subtle combination of the tender grass that the dairy cows eat in the North Holland polder and the preparation of the cheese according to an ancient recipe results in a cheese with a delicious taste and a pleasant mouth feel. That tastes like more! Exclusively available in Belgium.


Oudendijk cheese overwhelms you with its overwhelmingly delicious taste. Oudendijk's delicious flavour is the result of a centuries-old tradition: the authentic and traditional ripening on wooden boards, prepared with a lot of patience, love and the very best milk from North Holland. Oudendijk cheese, you will enjoy it! Available in Belgium.