He who does not know the farmer

In the RTL4 program "Who doesn't know the farmer," presenter Jamie Trenité joins a number of BN'ers on the farm to discover everything they - like many citizens - did not yet know about farmers, animals and sustainability.

Jamie travels crisscross the Netherlands for four weeks. During his trip he visits various farmers who each in their own way give meaning to life and work in the countryside. Different sectors and forms of business are discussed. For the second season he also stopped at the CONO farm of the Schilder family in Spierdijk who told Jamie about their way of farming. The first season also featured a CONO dairy farmer, Dennis Smit from Ursem who told skater Irene Schouten all about meadow bird management.

The new season of "Who doesn't know the farmer" can be seen starting Saturday, Oct. 8, 5 p.m. on RTL4. This first episode features the story of the Schilder family. Starting September 10, weekly repeats of the first season will be broadcast.

More information can be found at www.wiedeboernietkent.nl