Outdoor grazing and delicious and honest cheese are inextricably linked

For CONO Cheesemakers, outdoor grazing is an important part of its sustainability program. Our CONO cows walk outside as much as nature allows. Outdoor grazing also contributes to the natural grazing behaviour of cows and is therefore good for the animal. Fresh meadow grass provides softer fats and nutritious proteins in the milk, which is the basis for the smoothest and tastiest cheese.

In 2023, CONO cows grazed in the meadow for an average of 176 days of more than 10 hours a day. This average is slightly lower than in 2022. This is mainly due to the wet weather last spring. In addition, due to the bluetongue virus and the associated health risk to the animals, many farmers have brought their cows indoors earlier as a precaution. Despite these challenges, the number of days the cows graze outdoors remains well above the national standard of 120 days with 6 hours per day.

For three years in a row, 97% of CONO's dairy farms have participated in full cow grazing. Compared to the national average of about 77% according to the data of Zuivelzicht NL. , CONO continues to distinguish itself in this area. As a cooperative, we are proud of this result. Because fresh grass is good for the cow and very important for the quality and taste of our cheese.