Sustainable Brands Netherlands 2023

Proud! Once again this year we have topped the list of the most sustainable cheese brands in the Sustainable Brand Index 2023, the largest brand survey on sustainability in the Netherlands.

A large majority of the consumers surveyed named Beemster cheese as a brand that pays conscious attention to making the cheese chain more sustainable and to animal welfare. A great appreciation for the efforts of our farmers, our cheesemakers and our colleagues, who every day focus on making our cheese and also the cheese chain more sustainable together with our partners. A signal that we are on the right track and also that there are still plenty of challenges. We must do this together, now and into the future.

This means that in every step of the cheese chain, from cow's mouth to store shelf, we can take care of the most sustainable and natural methods. For example, since 2020 all our cheeses have been made climate neutral (certified by the Climat Neutral Group). Our farmers' cows are outside as much as possible, Beemster cows eat a natural GMO-free ration. The feed is largely grown by the farmer himself and consists of a lot of protein-rich grass. The cheeses are still made according to traditional methods in our climate-neutral cheese factory. And we use smart techniques for energy conservation and green energy. For example, half of our green energy comes from our farmers who generate it on their farms using solar panels and wind turbines.

We are also working together with our farmers, cheesemakers, colleagues and partners on a daily basis to find new ways to make every step of cheese making as sustainable as possible. Together towards climate-positive in 2030.