Livestock farmer Daan van Dolder opens Alkmaar cheese market

On Friday, June 14, the Alkmaar Cheese Market opened with the ringing of a bell, provided by CONO dairy farmer Daan van Dolder, at the invitation of CONO Cheesemakers. Prior to the bell ringing, Daan van Dolder was received by Anjo van de Ven, Alderman Cheese, at City Hall.

Daan van Dolder was chosen to ring the bell because of his commitment to grazing. In 2023, he again spent many hours grazing his cows in the pasture. Achieving high hours of grazing is a clear sign of his commitment to giving his cows the most natural and healthy life possible. After all, happy cows mean a happy farmer. Daan van Dolder has achieved exceptional results in grazing not only in 2023, but also in the years before. CONO Kaasmakers is proud of its dairy farmers like Daan, who are committed to sustainable dairy farming, animal welfare and supplying high-quality milk to make cheese.


Grazing is the foundation of dairy farming. Cows are grazing animals and therefore grazing is natural and good for the animal. Moreover, fresh pasture grass provides softer fats and nutritious proteins in the milk, which is the basis for creamy and flavorful Beemster cheese. CONO Kaasmakers attaches great importance to outdoor grazing and encourages dairy farmers to let their cows graze outdoors by means of a pasture premium.

According to the Weidegang standard of the Weidegang Foundation, cows must spend at least 120 days a year and at least 6 hours a day outside. CONO dairy farmers more than meet this requirement, with as many as 97% of dairy farms meeting the grazing access standard in 2023. On average, cows at CONO grazed in the pasture for more than 10 hours a day for 176 days in 2023.

Alkmaar Cheese Market

The Alkmaar Cheese Market is a historic place in Alkmaar where the cheese market on the Waagplein has been a tradition since 1593. Every year over 175,000 people visit this event. The cheese market in Alkmaar takes place every Friday morning 10:00 - 13:00. There are also evening cheese markets in the months of July and August: every Tuesday evening from 19.00 - 21.00.