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CONO Cheesemakers
Rijperweg 20
1464 MB Westbeemster

Telephone: + 31 (0) 299289200
Fax: + 31 (0) 299689250
Email: cono@cono.nl

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CONO Cheesemakers
1462 ZG Middenbeemster

It is currently not possible to take guided tours at CONO Cheesemakers.

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Advance pricing

Advance pricing November 2017 

Fat % 4,5%
Fat price € 3,55
Protein % 3,5%
Protein price € 7,54
Average CONO Cheesemakers €38,41

Advance pricing October 2017

Fat % 4,5%
Fat price € 3,55
Protein % 3,5%
Protein price € 7,54
 Autumn allowance € 3,25
Average CONO Cheesemakers € 41,66

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