Projects and developments

Projects and developments

At CONO Cheesemakers, it all starts with the collaboration between cows, farmers and cheesemakers. Every link is important. Together, we achieve more than each individual and continuous improvement is our philosophy. We have declared an ambition: to be climate-positive with our entire cheese chain by 2030. But merely declaring it is not enough. In every step of the chain from cow's mouth to store shelf, we are working on CO2 reduction.

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Compensate where we cannot reduce

On the farm, we are exploring the possibilities of circular farming and carbon farming, which is about sequesteringCO2 in the soil, among other things. And as soon as there is a proven innovation for our cheese making that suits us, think of biogas, hydrogen, geothermal, and heat networks, we link up. Finally, we buyCO2 certificates from climate projects. If possible through our own livestock farmers and with projects further away if necessary. Aimed at planting new trees and preserving rainforests, for example.

About the ambition and the Climate Positive program

CONO Kaasmakers is the first dairy organization in the Netherlands to express its ambition to be climate-positive with its entire cheese chain by 2030. And how do you become climate-positive? Of course that's not so simple; we're going to do it in steps. The Caring Dairy sustainability program includes 18 indicators to make our farms more sustainable, many of which affect our climate score. We will also continue to make our transportation, cheese making and packaging more sustainable.

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