CONO Cheese Makers shares CSR report 2020-2022

As a cooperative, you need to make a contribution to a better world. This is what we at CONO Kaasmakers understand by corporate social responsibility. CONO's CSR policy is linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal. In 2021, CONO, as the first dairy organisation in the Netherlands, expressed the ambition that the entire cheese chain should be climate-positive by 2030. This is covered in detail in our latest CSR report.

View our 2020 - 2022 CSR report here

The CSR report tells how corporate social responsibility plays a role throughout the cooperative. At CONO this involves animal welfare and sustainability including biodiversity. But also attention to employee development and cheese making with the least possible impact on the climate. In addition to reporting on the CSR policy, various sustainable stories from dairy farmers and several interviews with CONO employees can be read.

The basics, just like old times
Wim Betten, General Director at CONO Cheesemakers: "CONO was founded to add maximum value to the milk of its member dairy farmers. We do this by making premium cheeses under brand and with high quality products such as cream, whey powder and skimmed milk powder. Delivering added value is of course only possible if you do business in a sustainable way; taking good care of people, animals and land. Care for the environment and the climate is part of this, because the world does not stop at CONO; we want to make our contribution there too."

CONO and climate positive
CONO is building a climate positive future together with dairy farmers and partners, passing the world on to the next generation in a cleaner and fairer way. Climate positive means that moreCO2 is removed from the air and sequestered than is emitted. With dairy farmers and cheese makers, CONO works transparently to make the tastiest cheese, where no concessions are made on quality and taste.