Honorary Guild of North Holland Cheese 2022

CONO Cheesemakers congratulates Eduard Treur (Treur Kaas, Woerden), Peter Verweij (Kaashandel Remijn, Kerkdriel) on their entry into the Guild of Honour of North Holland cheese!

On Friday, August 26, Mayor Anja Schouten introned the four ambassadors for the North Holland cheese. Under the guidance of inspector Cees Frikkee the new members took a test of competence.

In 1990, the North Holland Cheese Guild of Honor Foundation was established in Alkmaar. The aim of this foundation is to promote the craftsmanship, quality and distinction of Noord-Holland cheese. Every year, CONO Cheesemakers, as part of the North Holland Cheese Guild Foundation, can introduce a number of people to join. These individuals have made themselves useful in some way to North Holland cheese.