Beemster in Brands100 of 2024

Proudly, Beemster cheese is, as the only cheese brand, in 'The Brands 100 of 2024'. The list of the most influential brands in the Netherlands. This is a great appreciation for our small farmers' cooperative.

The world in 2024 is changing rapidly, and the place that brands occupy in that world is changing just as rapidly. Just like how consumers view brands. That has long since ceased to be a good product or service for a reasonable price. Consumers expect something from brands. What? Well, a lot and more and more. Consumers naturally expect a good product and service for a reasonable price, but also that brands make a commitment to society and the environment. That brands speak out for an inclusive society. But also that brands offer inspiration, fit a lifestyle. Brands show strength, are innovative, lead the way, excel within the category.

The Brands100 measures the influence brands have. As a brand, are you relevant? Do you matter, do you add value? As a brand, are you innovative, likeable, socially engaged? How much do you as a brand invest in advertising, with what power and sentiment do you as a brand appear in the media and what is the opinion of consumers?

Our Beemster brand is seen by consumers as contributing positively to this. We do this together. Together with our farmers and our cheesemakers.
Together, positively for future generations.