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Caring dairy

This sustainability program for dairy farming was developed in the Netherlands by CONO Cheesemakers and Ben & Jerry’s.
Its aim is to make the entire chain more sustainable, from cow to end product. We call that: happy cows, happy farmers and happy earth.

Happy cows, happy farmers, happy earth

Animal welfare is an important issue, they provide the milk for the cheese

Farmers should be able to earn a good living from their farm and our employees deserve a fair and sustainable workplace.

We look carefully at the impact of our activities on the climate and the environment. Continuous improvement is the key.

Workshop program

The workshop program contributes to increasing knowledge in the field of sustainable dairy farming. The program consists of three workshops per year. The sustainability results are monitored and progress on the targets is tracked. Themes of the workshops are: outdoor grazing, own protein first, animal health, business economics, climate, farmers with nature, soil, circular agriculture and also communication. Every CONO farmer who participates in the Caring Dairy program receives a fixed premium of 75 cents for every 100 kilos of milk.

Rewards for results

After each workshop year, the results of each company and of the entire CONO cooperative are charted. A dairy farmer can earn an extra payment on the milk price via a points system on so-called indicators. Think of a long pasture season, a lot of fresh grass in the ration, or the use of green electricity. For each of these indicators, CONO pays 5 cents per 100 kilos of milk, up to a maximum of 75 cents. Additional. On top of the participation premium. There are a total of eighteen of these indicators - divided over four pillars “happy cows”, “more grass & biodiversity”, “better climate & environment” and “social involvement” - within the Caring Dairy program component "Reward for Result".  

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