Climate positive in cheese making

At the cheese factory

For making cheese we use the latest and most economical equipment we go about using heat, cold and water as efficiently as possible. Furthermore, numerous smart techniques have been applied with which we aim to save at least 2% energy and water annually. Thanks to all these large and small measures, the Climate Neutral Group has already awarded us the certificate for a climate neutral organization in 2020.

We are investigating how to get rid of gas and whether it is possible to connect to the current heat networks in our region for obtaining heat sustainably. We are also going to install solar panels. And as soon as there is a proven innovation for our cheese factory that suits us, we will hook up.


Sustainable stories with Wim Betten of CONO Cheese Makers

April 29, 2021

What will CONO do to become climate-positive? Sustainability manager Grietsje Hoekstra: "First we calculate the CO2 footprint of our cheese. With the Caring Dairy sustainability program and also...

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CONO Cheese Makers now officially the most sustainable cheese factory in the Netherlands

3 March 2020

The most sustainable cheese factory in our country is in the Beemster. Since January 1 of this year, the production process at CONO Kaasmakers has in fact been climate-neutral. For example, as much milk water as possible is...

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