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To make the tastiest, most sustainable cheese, our employees work with our livestock farmers, suppliers, clients and civil society organizations. These partners are represented in the various working groups in the Caring Dairy program. Each working group focuses on making a specific link in the chain from cow to cheese more sustainable. The advisory board works with organizations such as Solidaridad, the World Wildlife Fund and the Natuur&Milieu foundation; the Sounding Board works with livestock farmers to evaluate the workshops; and CONO employees familiarize consumers, authorities and organizations with Caring Dairy.

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Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's aim is to make the best possible ice cream in the most agreeable way. To that end they use the best ingredients, which are sustainably produced. Ben & Jerry’s is working with CONO Cheesemakers on the Caring Dairy program to ensure that their ice cream and our cheese are made from sustainably produced milk.

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Landschap Noord-Holland

Nature is vital for one and all! Landschap Noord-Holland (North Holland Landscape) buys, develops and manages land to protect parts of nature and the landscape. The foundation provides advice and conducts research on ecology, cultural heritage and the landscape. It manages and develops eighty of its own estates and many private and state-owned estates.

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