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Cono stable

Building a new barn happens once per generation. We are proud of the first CONO stable built by livestock farmers André and Jolanda Schilder in Spierdijk, in line with the opportunities for the farmer in the future and with the quality and sustainability ambitions of CONO Kaasmakers.

Thanks to its unique landscape integration, the CONO cheese factory won the most prestigious Dutch architecture award: BNA Best Building of the Year. Based on this architectural tour de force, a unique CONO barn has been designed for livestock farmers who want to renew or expand their farm with respect for animal welfare and the landscape.

The CONO stable is one of the most sustainable stables at the moment and a wonderful element in our honest story about real attention for animals, people and the environment.

Friendly stable for animals, people, and the environment

Numerous sustainable materials and techniques were used in the construction of the stable. Wooden frames, for example, so that the cows have as little radiation as possible. And a state-of-the-art stable equipment with, among other things, a low-emission floor of half concrete, half rubber, so that less ammonia is released. The cows are extra well cared for with spacious cubicles and walkways, cow brushes and a cow tracking system for 24/7 animal welfare monitoring. Next to the stable is a mono-manure fermenter that extracts heat and electricity from the manure for the entire farm and the adjacent residential area. A landscape architect ensures a beautiful and sustainable planting around the new building with a bee corridor and lots of greenery. In the spacious multifunctional skybox area above the stable, participants of the care farm are trained for a further step in society and groups are received for farm education.

Less methane emissions  

In the CONO stable, people can see with their own eyes that the cows are well cared for. In addition, André and Jolanda have also added extra elements to the barn, such as a mono-manure fermenter. For this purpose, the daily fresh manure is led via a collection cellar to a heated silo. The methane produced there feeds two gas engines. They generate both electricity and heat up to more than eighty degrees. This energy is used on the farm and in the adjacent residential area. So win-win. Moreover, because the methane - which is a strong greenhouse gas - is used directly and does not end up in the air, it is even a triple winning situation. With the mono manure fermenter, the barn can even be called energy positive!

Higher cow comfort  

The wood of the roof trusses and purlins comes from reforestation projects, and has some interesting properties compared to steel. This way, it does not conduct electricity and prevents radiation, which improves cow comfort. And although flavors differ, almost everyone agrees: it also looks awesome!

Sustainable values  

“With the success of the CONO cheese factory, two thoughts came together,” Wim Betten, general manager of CONO. “First of all, the realization that such a beautiful design is a unique statement in the UNESCO heritage of Beemster. And also the knowledge that it is quite difficult for farmers who want to build a new barn to obtain permits and financing. And with that the idea of the CONO stable was born. Based on the design of our cheese factory, which the municipality, province and even UNESCO are enthusiastic about. In addition, livestock farmers can show the outside world that they actively contribute to sustainable values that everyone in the Netherlands understands and actually expects from good livestock farming.

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