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Sustainability is in our genes. It belongs to us. Not only in the CONO cheese factory, but the entire chain works with real attention to people, animals and the environment. From blade of grass to cheese. From farmer to cheese maker.

Our cows graze outside as soon as possible and our farmers have been working with the Caring Dairy sustainability program for more than 10 years. The earth gives us everything we need and we have to be careful with that. CONO therefore rewards animal welfare and biodiversity projects on and around the farm with a premium through the Caring Dairy sustainability program.

Every CONO cheese wheel is made with care. We remain true to traditions, such as manual stirring of the curd by hand and natural ripening. In addition, the most modern sustainable techniques are applied to produce as energy-efficiently as possible. In this way we remain distinctive in terms of real taste and sustainability.

The circle is round again: take good care of our world. Then the grass is the best, the cow healthy, the milk of the best quality, the farmer happy and the cheese the tastiest!

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