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About Cono

Mission and vision


We work with our farmers and cheesemakers to make the most delicious cheese from the best milk in North Holland. In doing so, we preserve our artisanal traditions and use the most sustainable modern technology. We do this in our own unique way.

Purveyor to the royal household

In June 2001 Her Royal Majesty the Queen granted CONO Cheesemakers the right to use the designation “purveyor to the royal household.” This honor is only bestowed on companies that are at least 100 years old and have an exceptional track record.

Our mission

The best for the farmers and cows

That’s our mission. In order to be able to pay our farmers a fair price for their milk, we have to make the tastiest cheese with our traditional methods, with genuine concern for humans, animals and the environment.

Our vision

We are against the standardization of flavor and want to surprise our customers and consumers with tasty and honest products. That’s why we’re leaders in corporate social responsibility and aim for an honest margin throughout the cheese chain.

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