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We work together in our cooperative in our dedicated and passionated way. We know all of our members and partners personally and challenge each other to go that extra mile. That’s why our farmers continue to improve animal welfare and the results on their farms. And we’ve built the greenest cheese dairy in the world so we’re prepared for a sustainable future.


CONO Cheesemakers was founded as a cooperative in 1901 by a number of livestock farmers from villages in the Beemster region in the Dutch provence North Holland. Working in a cooperative meant they no longer depended on traders. Moreover, they could now process more milk into products that kept longer and with better prices, such as cheese and butter.

Our own way

Having more control over milk production profits meant that the farmers had to sacrifice a bit of freedom as entrepreneurs. Perhaps that’s why they still tend to do things in their own unique way.


As members of the cooperative, all dairy farmers were financially accountable. A board was chosen among the members who oversaw policy. As the cooperative continued to grow, a supervisory board was also elected from the members. All members were allowed to discuss long term strategies during the general meeting twice a year. Nowdays they have a managing directors team to take care of the business but in the end the farmer members still run the show!


In the Beemsterpolder, amidst the cows, is a cheese dariry where cheese is still made just as it was 100 years ago. In the past 15 years, CONO Cheesemakers was able to pay its members the highest price for milk, and in honor of its 100th anniversary in 2001 CONO Cheesemakers became purveyor to the royal household. The unique region of Beemsterpolder was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. In November 2014, our Queen Máxima opened the new sustainable cheese dairy in Beemster.

014 is de nieuwe duurzame kaasmakerij in de Beemster geopend door HKH Máxima.

Meet CONO's livestock farmers

Cheese dairy De Tijd

CONO’s new cheese dairy De Tijd aims to be the greenest cheese dairy in the world and will contribute to CONO’s future in a way that suits our heritage. We will continue to make cheese in a traditional way but using the most modern, sustainable machinery and technology. Proud of our traditions and full of confidence in the future, we named this facility the same as the old: De Tijd (The Times).

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